We purchased Aztec Dream, a Sun Odyssey 45, in May 2009. We kept her berthed in Plymouth at the Yacht Haven for a year, sailing her around Devon and Cornwall, with the odd crossing to the Scilly Isles and France. During this time we fitted her out for cruising in the Mediterranean, enrolled for the World Cruising Clubs ‘Rally Portugal’ and finally set off from Plymouth at the end of May 2010.

Mervyn & Amanda

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  1. As a fellow ARC entrant, just taking the opportunity to say hello and to wish you well with your preparations. I will read your Spain and Portugal webpages with interest as we will be sailing there in late June/July.

    Look forward to meeting you in Las Palmas or beforehand on the journey to the Canaries.


    Rob and Rhian
    SV Beyzano

  2. Martyn and Jane says:

    Hi Guys

    Dont supose you will remember us but we were on the first leg of the Portugal Rally as crew on Blue Chip good to see that you are doing the arc and it looks like our paths will cross again in November looking forward to meeting you in Las Palmas.

  3. Susie Thomas says:

    Hello to you both, We met on the Portuguese Rally – I was on Dignity and moved onto Pearl Fisher after the rally. I have watched your adventures with great interest – especially your Atlantic crossing.

    This is a long shot but I shall be sailing in the BVI from Feb 21st – March 2nd it would be amazing if your were in the area and we could meet up (mob 00447941957242) Life as a liveaboard is a wonderful adventure and I miss it. However in Jan 2013 I am joining a World Rally and can’t wait! I may pick your brains for useful tips! Best regards Susie x

  4. Tim Richards of Chilli Chilli says:

    Hi Mervyn & Amanda

    Not sure you will get this, I will have to try to dig out your email adress too but I am on another laptop at the moment.

    Don’t know if you are still mooching around in the Caribbean but Lucy and I will be out there from the 3rd March for a fortnight. Chilli Chilli will be in Antigua around then so we will set off from there and maybe go up to St Kitts but prob not too far from Antigua.

    If you are still around there then it would be great to catch up for a small rum or two.



  5. peter poland says:


    I found your excellent site via the ARC list of entrants last year.

    I am writing some articles for PBO on the Jeanneau story. Since you have done so many miles in your SO 45, I wonder if you could help with a few comments.

    Why did you choose a SO 45?
    Have you enjoyed owning her?
    How has she looked after you in stormy conditions?
    Has she been comfortable to cruise and live aboard?
    Any problems with the boat?
    Any other comments?

    I need to compete this article soon, so if you have a moment to send me some answers, it would be much appreciated.

    I envy your life style and adventures at sea!



    • admin says:

      Hi Peter,
      Sorry for the delay in responding, we’ve been a bit out of touch with email as we have been in the Grenadines. Hope this is still in time for your article.
      We chose an SO45 because we liked the classic style of the boat, we particularly liked the ‘L’ shaped galley and owners accommodation. Also, we liked the way she sailed…..easy to handle with just two of us (especially as my wife was relatively inexperienced). We now sail her quite comfortably, including using an assymetric spinnaker and cruising chute.
      We have (and still do) enjoyed owning her and currently we live aboard for about 6 months of the year.
      In stormy conditions she does inspire confidence. We’ve learned to reef early, as it makes things much more comfortable and normally results in no reduction in performance, which was a big surprise. The only criticism is that in heavy seas, gong into wind, she slams into waves, which can sometimes mean you just head to where you want to go. Though I think this is a common fault amongst all these type of light production boats.
      She is very good to live aboard. We have her fully kitted out, with a Duogen, solar panel and Pugura 4000 for power generation, plus a Schenker water maker. We also have the generator deck hatch option fitted, making generator maintenance easy. The second cold box in the galley has the freezer option too, so we can stay away from marinas for weeks at a time.
      We have a few small problems with the boat, but nothing I wouldn’t expect from a production boat. The holding tanks don’t have a Y-valve fitted, so you are forced to use the holding facility. We have had a fuel contamination issue that was tough to get rid of, so I would prefer better fuel filter capabilities, but again, this would be unusual for a boat of this size to have.
      Overall, I think this is a boat that is excellent value for money. She performs extremely well under sail and power. Her styling seems to work and survives the test of time. The dual helm setup is fantastic, making for very comfortable sailing and providing a great entertainment space. Build quality is better than expected for this type of boat but the only reason we would change the boat is to move to a better quality build and heavier displacement….but that will be a lot more money!
      Hope this helps. Please contact me at aztecdream@mailasail.com if you have any more questions.
      Best Regards,
      Mervyn Gutteridghe

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